10 Point Phase Inspection Package

Whether you are the general contractor or you are hiring a builder, phase inspections are a must for you. We will perform 10 thorough inspections throughout the building process to ensure that the subcontractors' work is being done correctly and you end up with a quality built home that passes our 10 point certification process.

A complete phase inspection package includes:
1) Soil Inspection and bearing determinations
2) Concrete quality control for basement walls and trench footings.
3) Inspection of drain system and waterproofing prior to backfill.
4) Concrete quality control and trench footing inspection for the garage.
5) Inspection of rough framing, roofing, windows, and exterior doors.
6) Inspection of rough electrical, rough plumbing, and rough mechanical.
7) Concrete quality control and inspection of basement slab.
8) Inspection of ventilation and insulation.
9) Inspection of exterior siding, brick and sealing.
10) Inspection of finish electrical, finish plumbing, finish mechanical, interior finishes, and exterior finishes.

Complete 10 point phase inspection package is only $1295.
(Individual phase inspections are also available)