5 Star Inspections starting at $99


Qwest Inspect is now offering a 5 Star Inspection for people looking to get an advantage in the sale of their home. Qwest will inspect your home and if it meets our 5 Star rating, you can then market that you have a 5 star home. This rating will attract people to your home. They will not have to worry if the roof is good or if there are any other underlying issues they are not aware of. The 5 Star rating will also assist in knowing that there will be no issues that arise from a buyer's home inspection that may be a deal killer. Both seller and buyer can go into the deal with confidene that they are selling and/or buying a home of high quality.

How-it-works - Simply, the seller or realtor calls Qwest Inspect to inspect the home for a very reasonable price ($99 for homes under 2500sf).  If the home meets Qwest's 5 Star Rating, a certificate and report is given allowing the seller/realtor to market the home as a 5 Star Home.  If the home does not meet Qwest's 5 Star Rating, a report is given outling the reasons for not qualifying. This may be as simple as adding proper smoke detectors.  Once these changes/repairs have been made, Qwest will come back to re-inspect* those items.  After all of the changes/repairs are re-inspected to satisfactory condition, Qwest will issue the 5 Star certificate.

Why-it-works - People will recognize that you have taken proper care of your home. In this buyers market, your home will stand out over others as a quality buy.

People will be drawn to your house since you cared enough to have it meet our 5 star rating. The 5 star label will draw people to find out what is so special about your home giving you more exposure time.

- The 5 Star rating will also assist realtors in helping to market homes for sale.  If a home qualifies for a 5 Star Rating, then the realtor can market this to potential buyers as a great incentive to buy the home.  Why would someone bother looking at a home that did not have a 5 Star Rating when a home of equal value has a 5 Star Rating?  Only makes sense to buy the one where no problems will arise to kill the deal.

Don't wait to make your house the most attractive to buyers.  Call Qwest Inspect today to get your 5 Star Rating certificate and jump ahead of the rest.

888-QWEST99 or 888-793-7899

* $50 Re-inspection fee applies.